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Glow Party

Glow Football and Dodgeball Party

Only £200

Ages 6+

Duration 60 Minutes of games in a sports hall

Up to 20 players can take part

Choice of games to play such as football or dodgeball or mixture of both

Headbands, bibs and wristbands

Black-lights, disco lights and music

Event organiser to run the games

Photos and videos of your event

Venue hire included based at Walker Riverside Academy Ne6 4aw


Glow Football and Glow Dodgeball have arrived in Newcastle upon Tyne!

Children’s football parties and dodgeball are always popular in Newcastle, but why not spice things up and play the games you love while glowing in the dark!

Our parties consist of 60 minutes of action packed games of football/dodgeball or a mixture of both. Enough to keep everyone entertained whether that be adults or kids we cater the event specific to your group.

The room is lit with up to black lights and disco lights to create an epic atmosphere and illuminating anything bright or fluorescent!

All the dodgeballs, cones and footballs light up and we mark out the goal post with specially designed glow tape so you know where you’re trying to score.

Each player receives glow in the dark head bands, wristbands and bibs to make an awesome glow party!

Up to 20 players can take part whether it be for a children’s birthday party, team building, stag or hen event or simply a laugh with friends, this will surely be a treat for everyone!

We will play numerous games throughout the hour to test your skills and keep the laughter going, trying to dribble through cones in the dark or throwing and catching a ball really is tricky in the dark!

Simply contact us to enquire about a preferred date and time for your event and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

So grab your brightest t-shirt, step into the arena and get your glow on!

The Fine Print

Subject to availability

Minimum of 8 people per group

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